About maxCache Plus 

Tiering, in maxCache Plus, is implemented as an operating-system level filter driver. The filter driver consists of two main parts: Volume Manager and Policy Engine.
  • Volume Manager manages I/O to and from the tiered volume and routes the I/O to the correct tier group. It maintains a tier value mapping table in persistent storage for all the tiered sources. It also gathers I/O statistics and routes it to the Policy Engine.
  • Policy Engine decides where to place the managed data. It analyzes statistical information about data access frequency and divides the data into "cold" and "hot" queues. Cold data is stored on the slowest media, typically SAS or SATA hard disk drives. Hot data is stored on the fastest media, such as an SSD, for rapid retrieval. The Policy Engine continuously analyzes entries in the hot and cold queues and updates the data location based on use patterns.

image/svg+xml Policy Engine Volume Manager Controller Controller PCIe PCIe Device Driver Device Driver Adaptec Adaptec 3rd Party 3rd Party Statistics Data Mover Map Mgr Tier 1: Spinning media storage, HDD Tier 0: Flash storage media, SSD maxCache Plus Filter Driver Motherboardchipset devices& PCIe Flash

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