Using the Command Line Utility

This chapter explains how to use the command line utility interactively or in batch mode. With interactive mode, enter commands at the prompt. In batch mode, create scripts and run the script in the appropriate shell, as described in the table below.

Table 1. ARCCONF Batch Environments
Environment Batch File Run Script
Windows .bat CMD.EXE
Linux/Unix .sh sh / bash

In either mode, if your command fails, you immediately see an error message of Command failed. Other script messages that you can get are Command completed successfully, or Command aborted.

The return values for each command are the same:

0x00: SUCCESS 
0x01: FAILURE - The requested command failed 
0x02: ABORT - The command was aborted because parameters failed validation 
0x03: INVALID_ARGUMENTS - The arguments are incorrect. (Displays COMMAND help) 

To view a list of commands at the command line, type ARCCONF and press Enter.

To access the online help for a specific command, type ARCCONF <command>, then press Enter.

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