arcconf setcontrollermode


Sets the controller operating mode to one of the following:

  • RAID: Expose RAW (default)—All RAID functions of the controller are enabled. Attached drives without Adaptec meta-data are surfaced to the host operating system as RAW Pass Through devices (similar to JBODs on legacy Adaptec controllers).
  • Auto Volume Mode—All RAID functions of the controller are enabled. Attached drives without Adaptec meta-data, but with an OS partition, are surfaced to the host operating system as RAW devices, where the RAID layer of the controller firmware is bypassed when the host issues commands to the device. Attached drives without Adaptec meta-data and without OS partitions, are automatically configured as Simple Volumes (single drives with Adaptec meta-data), with these settings:
    • Controller read caching is set to “Enabled” for rotating media.
    • Controller write caching is set to “Enabled (write-back) when protected by battery/ZMM” for rotating media.
    • maxCache SSD read and write caching is enabled and the write caching policy is set to "write back" for rotating media.
    • Caching for non-rotating media is disabled.

    By using DRAM caching, Auto Volume Mode can help reduce latency and accelerate performance, especially if combined with a custom performance mode, such as Big Block Bypass (see arcconf setperform for more information).

  • HBA Mode—The intent of this mode is to allow the RAID controller to act and be used as an HBA. All attached drives are surfaced as RAW devices. Changing into HBA mode is allowed only if there are no drives with Adaptec meta-data attached to the controller. Uninitialize the drives before changing to HBA mode (see arcconf uninit). Uninitialized drives are also compatible with any HBA and can be exchanged with drives on the motherboard's SATA interface.
    Note: In HBA Mode, a hot-plugged new drive is automatically configured as a Raw device (see arcconf uninit). When a Raw device is pulled from the system, the controller does not delete internal data structures associated with the drive. However, the missing RAW device is not remembered across rescans.
  • RAID: Hide RAW—All RAID functions of the controller are enabled, but RAW devices are not exposed to the operating system.

You must reboot the controller after you change the controller mode.


ARCCONF SETCONTROLLERMODE <Controller#> <Controller Mode> [nologs]


Controller number.
Controller Mode

One of the following values:

  • 0 - RAID: Expose RAW
  • 1 - Auto Volume Mode
  • 2 - HBA Mode
  • 3 - RAID: Hide RAW
Suppresses log output for the command.



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