Managing the maxCache Pool

Note: This option is available on Adaptec Series 6Q controllers only.

Adaptec maxCache uses the compatible Solid State Drives (SSDs) in your system as fast cache memory for read-intensive operations. Before you can enable maxCache read caching on a logical device (see Modifying Cache Settings), you must assign at least one SSD to the maxCache pool.

Note: You can configure the maxCache pool only if you have one or more compatible Solid State Drives installed on the RAID controllers in your system. For a list of maxCache-compatible SSDs, refer to the Adaptec Web site at

To add a SSD to the maxCache pool or to remove a SSD from the pool:

  1. Select Manage MaxCache Pool from the Logical Device Configuration menu.

    All supported SSDs are displayed.

    Note: Uninitialized SSDs may not appear in the list; see Initializing Disk Drives for more information.
  2. Using the arrow keys, select a SSD from the list.
  3. Press Ins to add the SSD to the maxCache pool.
  4. To remove a SSD from the pool, press the right arrow to switch windows, use the arrow keys to select a SSD, then press Del.
  5. Press Enter to save your changes and return to the main menu.

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