Troubleshooting Checklist

If you encounter difficulties installing or using your Adaptec RAID controller, check these items first:

  • With your computer powered off, check the connections to each disk drive, power supply, LED connector, and so on.

    Try disconnecting and reconnecting disk drives from the Adaptec RAID controller.

  • Check that your Adaptec RAID controller is installed in a compatible PCIe expansion slot. To double-check the bus compatibility of your controller, see About Your Adaptec RAID Controller.
  • Ensure that your Adaptec RAID controller is firmly seated and secured in the PCIe expansion slot.
  • If your Adaptec RAID controller is not detected during system boot, try installing it in a different compatible expansion slot. (See Installing the Controller for instructions.)
  • Did the driver install correctly?
  • If you have external disk drives (or other devices), are they powered on?
  • Check the Readme for compatibility issues and known problems.

If you are still unable to resolve a problem, you can find additional troubleshooting information and direction on the Adaptec Web site at or the Support Knowledgebase at

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