Standard RAID Controller Features

  • Support for SAS disk drives, SATA/SATA II disk drives, and SATA and SAS Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Flash ROM for updates to controller firmware, BIOS, and the Adaptec RAID Configuration utility
  • Disk drive hot-swapping
  • Event logging and broadcasting, including email notification messages
  • Multiple options for creating and managing RAID arrays—A browser-based software application (maxView Storage Manager), a BIOS-based utility (ARC), a command line utility (ARCCONF) (see Managing Your Storage Space)
  • Native command queuing (NCQ), which lets disk drives arrange commands into the most efficient order for optimum performance
  • Support for disk drive enclosures with SES2 enclosure management hardware
  • Support for a flash backup module (see Adding a Flash Backup Module)
  • Support for Adaptec maxCache™ SSD read and write caching (see Modifying Cache Settings)
    Note: Adaptec maxCache is supported on Adaptec Series Q controllers only.

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