Running the Menu-based AFU

To run the menu-based AFU:
  1. Shut down your operating system and reboot to DOS from a bootable DOS floppy disk or from a DOS partition on a bootable drive. (You can use a disk drive connected to the controller you are updating.) If your computer isn’t set up to boot from the bootable floppy disk, enter the system setup utility and change the setting.
  2. Insert the firmware update disk (created using the steps above) containing AFU.exe
  3. At the DOS command prompt, type AFU with no arguments.

    The AFU's main menu is displayed.

  4. Select Select Controllers, then select the Adaptec RAID controller(s) to be flashed.

    To update multiple RAID controllers in the same system, update the boot controller's flash first, restart the computer, then update the flash for the remaining controllers.

  5. Select Select an Operation.
  6. Choose the operation you want, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task:
    • Update flash image—Updates all the flash components on a RAID controller with the flash image data from the UFI file.
    • Save flash image—Reads the contents of a RAID controller's flash components and saves the data to a UFI file, which you can use to restore a RAID controller's flash if required.
    • Verify flash image—Reads the contents of a RAID controller's flash components and compares it to the contents of the specified UFI file.
    • Display flash information—Displays version information about a RAID controller's flash components.
  7. Complete the flash operation and restart your computer before trying to use the RAID controller again. (You can not use your RAID controller while you are updating its flash.)

    The AFU processes the selected command and reports either success or an error message code.

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