Managing Global Hot Spares

Note: For Adaptec Series 7 and Adaptec Series 8 controllers, this option is available in the uEFI interface only.

A hot spare is a disk drive that automatically replaces any failed drive in a logical drive. A global hot spare is not assigned to a specific logical drive. It protects any logical drive on the controller (except RAID 0 logical drives). You can create and delete global hot spares even if no arrays exist.

To create and delete global hot spares:

  1. Select Global Hotspares from the Logical Device Configuration menu.

    The Global Hotspare Management window opens.

  2. Using the arrow keys, select a drive from the list. Existing hot spares are highlighted.
  3. Press Ins to create a new global hot spare. Press Del to delete a hot spare.
  4. Press Enter to save your changes and return to the main menu.

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