Installing on Solaris

To install the driver on Solaris:
  1. Start your computer.
  2. (Solaris 10 only) Check for any pre-existing Adaptec driver by running pkginfo SUNWaac in a terminal window . If there is no pre-existing Adaptec driver on your computer, continue with Step 3. If an Adaptec driver is already installed on your computer, run pkgrm SUNWaac to remove it.
    If your operating system currently boots from the Adaptec controller, do not reset your computer after you remove the pre-existing Adaptec driver. Instead, follow the steps in this section to install a new driver before rebooting your computer.
  3. Insert and mount the driver disk:
  4. Change to the driver installer directory:

    Solaris 10:

    cd /rmdisk/aacraid/DU/sol_210/i86pc/Tools

    Solaris 11:

    cd /rmdisk/aacraid/DU/sol_211/i86pc/Tools
  5. Start the driver installer:
    ./ -i
  6. Remove the driver disk, then reboot your computer.
  7. Continue with Managing Your Storage Space.

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