Creating an Array with maxView Storage Manager

This section describes how to use the maxView Storage Manager configuration wizard to build an array.

Note: Before you begin, download the maxView Storage Manager bootable USB image from the Adaptec Web site at, then copy the bootable image to a USB flash drive. For details, refer to the maxView Storage Manager User's Guide.

To create a RAID 5 array:

  1. Insert the bootable USB drive on the machine you want to configure. The Boot menu opens in a shell window.
  2. Select Launch maxView from the menu. After a minute or so, the maxView Storage Manager login screen opens in a browser window.
  3. Enter root/root for the login credentials.
  4. On the ribbon, in the Logical Disk group, click Create Logical Drive.

  5. When the wizard opens, ensure that Express Configuration is selected, then click Next.

  6. Review the logical drive configuration summary.

    maxView Storage Manager uses the term logical drive when referring to an array (see Terminology Used in this Guide).

    The following example shows a RAID 5 array, ready to be created.

  7. Click Finish.

    maxView Storage Manager builds the logical drives.

  8. Partition and format the logical drive(s).

    The logical drives you created appear as a physical disk drives on your operating system. You must partition and format these logical drives before you can use them to store data.

  9. Close all windows, remove the bootable USB drive, then restart your system.

    For information about installing and using maxView Storage Manager as a full software application, see the maxView Storage Manager User's Guide.

  10. Continue with the following section.

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