Creating a New Array

To begin creating an array, select Create Arrays from the Logical Device Configuration menu.

Only disk drives that can be used in a new array are available for selection. (Disk drives must be initialized before they can be used in an array. See Initializing Disk Drives for more information.)

  • To create a hybrid array that leverages the performance benefits of the SSDs in your system, you must select an equal number SSDs and HDDs. You can create a hybrid RAID1 or hybrid RAID10 only.
  • When you create an all SSD array, we recommend disabling all caching, including maxCache caching. If any caching is enabled when you create the array, you will be prompted to turn caching off.

Use the Array Properties menu to modify the array's RAID level, size, name, stripe size, cache settings, and maxCache settings.

Note: For more information about RAID levels and using disk drives to create arrays, see Choosing a RAID Level. For more information about maxCache, see Modifying Cache Settings.

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