Connecting Drives to a System Backplane

In a backplane connection, disk drives and SAS cards are attached to and communicate with each other through a system backplane.

The number of disk drives is limited to the number of slots available on the backplane. Some backplanes have embedded SAS expanders and can support up to 128 end devices. (For more information about backplane and expander connections, see How Disk Drives are Identified in SAS.)

  1. Connect one or more internal SAS or SATA disk drives to the backplane. (Refer to your system's documentation for more information.)
  2. Use an internal mini-SAS or mini-SAS HD cable to connect the controller to the backplane, as required.
  3. When all internal disk drives have been installed and connected, close your computer cabinet, reattach the power cord, then continue with Connecting External Devices.

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