About the Adaptec RAID 71605/71605Q

The Adaptec RAID 71605/71605Q is a SAS RAID controller with these features:  

4 internal mini-SAS HD connectors Ext. Alarm connector HDA mode connector CN0 CN1 CN2 CN3 Daughterboard connector PCIe x8 connector Mounting bracket

Form Factor

Low-profile MD2

Bus compatibility

PCIe 3.0

PCIe bus width


Data transfer rate

6 Gb/s per port

Phys (Unified Serial Ports)


Standard cache

1024 MB DDR3

Connectors, internal

4 mini-SAS HD x4 (SFF-8643)

Maximum number of disk drives

16 direct-attached (or up to 256 with expanders)

maxCache SSD support

71605Q: Up to 8 solid state drives, 2TB capacity, max. See the maxCache compatibility list at www.adaptec.com/compatibility.

Enclosure Support

IBPI and SGPIO (Serial General Purpose Input/Output)

Onboard speaker


Zero Maintenance Cache Protection Module

Adaptec Flash Backup Module AFM-700 (71605: optional, sold separately; 71605Q: standard, pre-installed)

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