About maxView Storage Manager

maxView Storage Manager is a browser-based software application that helps you build a storage space for your online data, using Adaptec RAID controllers and disk drives.

With maxView Storage Manager, you can group disk drives into logical drives and build in redundancy to protect your data and improve system performance.

From a single workstation, you can use maxView Storage Manager to monitor and manage all the controllers and disk drives in your storage space.

When maxView Storage Manager is installed on a computer, the maxView Storage Manager Agent (and other related services) is also installed automatically. The Agent is designed to run in the background, without user intervention. Its job is to monitor system health, manage event notifications, task schedules, and other on-going processes on a system. It sends notices when tasks are completed successfully, and notifies you when errors or failures occur on that system.

If your storage space includes systems that won't be connected to monitors (and therefore won't require the graphical user interface), you can choose to run the Agent only on those systems instead of the full application. For more information, refer to the maxView Storage Manager User’s Guide.

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