The Adaptec Event Monitor Utility is a software application that monitors and manages the Adaptec by PMC storage controllers installed on your system. Its job is to monitor system health, send notifications, and manage task schedules and other on-going processes. It sends notices when tasks are completed successfully, such as the creation of a logical drive, and sounds an alarm when errors or failures occur.

The Adaptec Event Monitor Utility runs on Windows and Linux systems (see System Requirements for details). Once it is installed, it runs in the background with no user intervention.

When you install the Adaptec Event Monitor Utility, the Adaptec Command Line Interface tool, ARCCONF, is installed automatically. The CLI tool allows you to build and manage your storage space; create logical drives; add redundancy to protect your data; check status; recover from a failed physical device; rebuild logical drives; and more. See Frequently Asked Questions for related documentation.

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