Performing a Silent Windows Installation

You will need the Adaptec Event Monitor Installation CD to complete this task.

To complete a silent Windows installation:

  1. Insert the Adaptec Event Monitor Installation CD into your CD (or DVD) drive.
  2. Open a command prompt window and change to the CD root directory.
  3. Run the silent installation from the command line using the 32-bit or 64-bit installer program, as appropriate:
    • If using the 32-bit installer program, run EventMonitorInstaller_x86.exe.
    • If using the 64-bit installer program, run EventMonitorInstaller_x64.exe.

    For a silent installation, the installer has the following form:

    EventMonitorInstaller_x64.exe [ INSTALLDIR=<path> ] [ LOGDIR=<path> ] [ ADDLOCAL=<properties> ]

    See Windows Command Line Properties and Examples for a description of the command line options.

    After a minute or two, the silent installation should be complete. You may need to reboot the system if instructed to do so in the install log (see next step).

  4. Check the install log, at <LOGDIR>\eventmonitor_install.log, to verify that the installation completed successfully. The exit codes, shown below, indicate if you need to take further action to complete the installation.
    Table 1. Windows Command Line Exit Codes
    Code Value



    The installation was successful. No reboot is required.



    The installation was not successful.



    The installation was successful, but a reboot is required.



    Required hardware is not present, the software is up to date, or there is nothing to install.

    Note: For more information about the success or failure of the installation, check the detailed installation log at <LOGDIR>\adaptec.log. If the installation failed, you will find detailed information to help you diagnose the problem.
  5. Repeat these steps to install the Adaptec Event Monitor Utility on every Windows system that will be part of your storage space.

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