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  1. Can I install Adaptec Event Monitor if I already have maxView Storage Manager installed?


  2. How do I filter out events from Adaptec Event Monitor for Windows?

    In Windows System Logs, click Filter Current Log. You will see ‘Adaptec Event Monitor’ in the Event Sources list if Event Monitor is running on the system. Select Adaptec Event Monitor from the list of Event Sources, then click OK.

  3. How do I filter out events from Adaptec Event Monitor for Linux?

    Type this command:

    grep /var/log/messages “Adaptec Event Monitor”

  4. What event levels does Adaptec Event Monitor report?

    Event Monitor reports three event levels in the system log: Warning, Error, Information.

  5. What is the format of the events under Linux syslogs?

    The events under Linux syslogs have this format:

    Adaptec Event Monitor: INF | WRN | ERR: [Event Code] Event Description

  6. Can I install Adaptec Event Monitor over an existing installation?

    No. You need to uninstall the existing Event Monitor before you install a new one.

  7. Does Adaptec Event Monitor support Email Notifications on Windows?


  8. Does the Email Notification feature support multiple SMTP servers?

    No. You can configure only one SMTP server for Email notifications.

  9. Does work on shells other than bash?

    No. It runs only on the bash shell.

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