Email Notifications in Linux Event Monitor

The Email Notification feature in Adaptec Event Monitor for Linux allows you to send notification emails based on the events reported by the Event Monitor utility. This feature is disabled by default; it can be configured after Adaptec Event Monitor is installed. Once configured, the email notification feature runs in the background with no user intervention.

Configuring Email Notifications

The Adaptec Event Monitor package includes a script named Use this script to configure the email notification settings below.

Note: The script runs only on the bash shell.
  • Enable Email Notification

    Enables the Email Notification feature in Adaptec Event Monitor.

  • Disable Email Notification

    Disables the Email Notification feature in Adaptec Event Monitor.

  • Get SMTP Server Details

    Returns the current SMTP server settings.

  • Set SMTP Server Details
    Configures the SMTP server settings. Adaptec Event Monitor can store information about one SMTP server only. If you already have an existing SMTP server setup, this option will overwrite the exiting SMTP server settings with new settings. You can configure the following SMTP server details:
    • SMTP Server Address—IP address of your SMTP Server.
    • SMTP Server Port—port number on which your SMTP server is running.
    • From Email Address—from email address.
    • Secure SMTP Server—To use a secure SMTP server, choose ‘YES’ for this option. You will need to provide a username and password for your SMTP server.
  • Get Recipient Information

    Displays the list of recipients who will receive email notifications from Adaptec Event Monitor.

  • Set Recipient Information
    Sets the recipient information for users who receive notifications from Adaptec Event Monitor, including:
    • Recipient’s Email Address—email address of the recipient.
    • Email Notification Type—type of event(s) the recipient is notified of:
      • I–If this option is selected, the recipient will receive emails for Error, Warning and Informational events.
      • W–If this option is selected, the recipient will receive emails for Error and Warning events.
      • E–If this option is selected, the recipient will receive emails for Error events only.
    • Update Recipient Information

      Updates the notification type for a specific recipient.

    • Delete Recipient Information

      Deletes a specific recipient from the recipient list.

    • Send Test Email

      Sends a test email based on your SMTP server settings.

    Note: After running the configuration script, restart Adaptec Event Monitor for the configuration settings to take effect.

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