VideOh! CD (AVC-1200)
VideOh! CD includes a USB 1.1 video capture device with USB cable for simple connectivity to your PC. It also includes Sonic MyDVD video creation software for Windows , which allows you to edit, organize and burn video clips.
Small Image of VideOh! CD (AVC-1200)
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Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows Millennium
Microsoft Windows XP

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Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
System Environment
  Video CD creation
System Requirements
400-MHz processor or faster (800-MHz recommended)64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
Two-year limited warranty

Product Description

USB 1.1 video capture device and Video CD creation software

Key Differentiators

  • USB 1.1 External
  • Good (VHS) video quality
  • Use existing CD Burner
  • CD media capacity: 70 minutes* (650 MB)
    * using Good Capture Setting
    • Adaptec AVC-1200 USB video capture device
    • 6-foot USB cable, 6-inch Left/RIGHT RCA audio cable
    • Installation guide
    • CD containing: Sonic MyDVD, video capture utility, video editing software, Apple QuickTime, Adobe Acrobat, device drivers

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