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EZ-SCSI 3.13
Adaptec EZ-SCSI 3.13 features numerous enhancements including: a Windows 3.1/3.11 32-Bit Disk Access Driver for Adaptec's bus-mastering line of SCSI host adapters, a Windows SCSI power management application a Windows SCSI benchmark application, a Windows SCSI disk partitioning application, a Windows SCSI scanner application, additional Adaptec host adapter support., EZ-SCSI for DOS/Windows installers, Photo CD Viewer, Windows CD Player, Windows SCSI Interrogator, additional support for Video CD added to ASPICD.SYS (tested with Sigma Designs' ReelMagic multimedia playback controller) ASPIDISK.SYS modified to support any standard DOS format
Small Image of EZ-SCSI 3.13
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Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft MS-DOS 5.x
Microsoft MS-DOS 6.x
Microsoft Windows 3.10
Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11
Microsoft Windows 95