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CIO Single 1.0
RAID management is simple with the intuitive, graphical Adaptec CI/O management software. Adaptec RAID cards installed in one or more servers can be configured and managed remotely from a single Windows NT/98/95 workstation on the network, providing convenience and flexibility.
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No drivers are currently available for this product from Adaptec.
There are a few possible reasons for this:

- The product is supported by embedded drivers that are available in the supported operating systems.

- The product is supported by drivers that are embedded in the product.

- The product was recently introduced and there are no new drivers available.

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Number of devices
AHA® -1540/52AHA-2740/42AHA-2840/42VLAHA-2940AHA-3940AHA-3980/85AIC-7770TMAIC-7870TM
System Requirements
Client: 486 PC system8 MB RAM5 MB disk space640 x 480 VGA monitor Server: 386 or greater8 MB RAM3 MB disk spaceOne or more of the above Adaptec SCSI host adapters IPX network protocol

Adaptec CI/O software Single Server

Includes 100-node version of HP OpenView 7.2
Includes Sytron's Proserve CX LiteTM
tape backup software for NetWare