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PowerDomain 2940U2W
As the power of applications, processors, and storage devices increase, high-end computer users are seeking ways to optimize their system performance. The PowerDomain 2940U2W provides the throughput speed, flexibility, and compatibility required to optimize today's power Macintosh systems. It provides Ultra2 SCSI data transfer rates up to 80 MBytes/sec and optimizes the perfomance of all peripherals attached to the card with SpeedFlex technology. By providing 4 connectors and extended cable lengths, the PowerDomain 2940U2W also allows for maximum system configuration flexibility.
Small Image of PowerDomain 2940U2W
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Bios Updates and Other Downloadable Files

Bios Updates and Other Downloads

Macintosh OS

Macintosh OS 8x and 9x

Hardware Installation
how to install your adaptec pci card (html 74 kb)
scsi and macintosh (html 69 kb)
ultra2 scsi termination (html 68 kb)
mac os x (html 68 kb)
Number of devices
Up to 15 SCSI peripherals

Bus System Interface Type

32-bit PCI local bus
External Connectors
68-pin High-Density Ultra2 SCSI
Internal Connectors
68-pin High-Density Ultra268-pin High-Density Wide Ultra SCSI 50-pin High-Density Ultra SCSI
Data Transfer Rate
80 MByte/sec
Package Contents
PowerDomain 2940U2W PCI-to-Ultra2 SCSI cardDiskBasics Control Utility software68-pin Ultra2 SCSI internal cable with termination68-pin Wide Ultra SCSI internal cable50-pin Ultra SCSI internal cable50-pin internal-to-external Ultra SCSI cable with external bracketComplete user documentationFive-year warranty card
5 years

Supported Protocols

SCSI-3 (Ultra),
Ultra SCSI,
Ultra2 SCSI

Advanced Features

Multithreaded I/O (up to 255 tasks simultaneously)
Tagged command queuing