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The MCS-700 features a ROM BIOS that supports up to 7 SCSI bootable hard disk drives (MS-DOS 5 and above) without additional software drivers. The MCS-700 uses the high performance, SCSI-2, FAST-SCSI data transfer technology.
Small Image of MCS-700
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Bios Updates and Other Downloads

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Number of devices
Up to 7 SCSI bootable hard disk drives (with DOS v5.0 and above) without additional software drivers
External Connectors
50-pin SCSI-2 high density
Data Transfer Rate
Up to 10MB/second-to and from the SCSI bus, to support Fast SCSI hard disk drives

MCS-700 Features

The MCS-700 controllers support the Micro Channel Programmable Option Select (POS), which allows selection of the following:
1 of 4 memory base addresses
1 of 4 I/O base addresses
1 of 7 interrupt lines

Power Consumption

1.5A on +5V and 1.5A on +12V