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Each adapter provides multimedia capabilities with advanced audio features, 16-bit and 8-bit stereo playback/recording.
Small Image of AMM-1510
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Note: Only drivers that are not included or embedded within a supported operating system are listed below. To see a complete list of supported operating systems see the Product Specifications

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Microsoft DOS

Hardware Installation
amm-1570 miscellaneous information (html 97 kb)
Product Documentation
Install Guide for the AMM-1525M/1510M/525M (PDF 171 KB)
User Guide for the AMM-1525M/1510M/525M (PDF 325 KB)
Number of devices
7 SCSI devices maximum per host adapter

Bus System Interface Type

ISA - 16 bit
Internal Connectors
Data Transfer Rate
up to 10 MBytes/sec synchronous burst on SCSI bus

Operating Characteristics

0° to 55°C (-32° to 131°F)
10% to 95% non-condensing relative humidity

Storage Characteristics

-40°to 75°C (-40° to 167°F)