Adaptec GigE NAC 7711C
The Adaptec GigE NAC 7711C is a complete TCP/IP offload Network Accelerator Card (NAC) in a low-profile form factor. Designed to maximize network performance and lower CPU utilization, the Adaptec GigE NAC 7711C removes the burden of TCP processing and allows the host CPU to devote more cycles to application processing and accelerates the network.
Small Image of Adaptec GigE NAC 7711C
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Red Hat Linux

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Bus System Interface Type

64-bit PCI (32-bit compatible)
System Requirements
Intel-based PCI local bus system 3.3V PCI expansion slot 64-bit, 66MHz or 32-bit (3.3 volts only)
Package Contents
Adaptec TOE NAC 7711C Network Accelerator CardLow-profile MD2 PCI bracketInstallation guideCD-ROM with operating system drivers, complete user reference, and installation guide documentation
3 years

Product Description

1 Gb Ethernet adapter with ASIC-based full TCP/IP offload (Copper)

Key Differentiators



  • Compliance (pending): FCC Class B, CE, C-tick, VCCI, ULI950, CSA950
  • IP Addresses: 4
  • On-board SDRAM memory: 64 MByte
  • Managment Support: Ethernet, IP, TCP MIBs, SNMP 2.0
  • Offloaded TCP connections:: 1024 maximum (concurent)
  • Maximum PCI burst size: 256 bytes
  • Connectors: RJ-45
  • Diagnotistic LEDs: 3
  • Auto Negotiation: 100/1000 Mbit/sec
  • TCP/IP throughput: 1 Gbit/sec half duplex; 2 Gbit/sec full duplex