This two-port, 64-Bit PCI Network Interface Card (NIC) is for Fast Ethernet Environments. The 33MHz 64-bit PCI bus offers 266 MBytes per second bandwidth, and achieves a maximum throughput of 400 Mbps (when used in full-duplex mode). The RJ-45 female connectors support CAT 5 UTP and Type 1 STP for 100BaseTX operation
Small Image of ANA-62022
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Note: Only drivers that are not included or embedded within a supported operating system are listed below. To see a complete list of supported operating systems see the Product Specifications

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Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows Millennium
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Microsoft Windows XP

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Hardware Installation
how to install your adaptec pci card (html 74 kb)
Installing Drivers or Software
adaptec os/2 driver (html 75 kb)
dos ndis client (html 69 kb)
installing the dos odi driver (html 73 kb)
odi module installation (html 69 kb)
third party linux drivers for ethernet cards (html 67 kb)
Product Documentation
User Guide to DuraLAN Fast Ethernet NICs (PDF 2 MB)
Technical Reference Manual (PDF 1 MB)

Ethernet Controller

Two AIC™-6915 LAN controllers

FIFO Buffer Memory

16 KBytes total,
8KBytes per port for transmit and receive

PCI Configuration Space

Supports DWORD, WORD, and BYTE access

Hardware Interrupts

PCI interrupts A and B
Supports shared interrupts

Board Dimensions

Conforms to PCI card specifications for 64-bit bus form factor

Power Consumption

+5 volts @ 3 AMPS maximum

Operating Characteristics

32 F to 122 F (0 C to 50 C)
5% to 85% Relative Humidity non-condensing
3000m maximum altitude