Adaptec iSCSI ASA-7211C (copper)
The ASA-7211C delivers high performance, interoperable connection into iSCSI SANs in Gigabit Ethernet environments. Unlike NIC based implementations the ASA-7211C offers ASIC-based complete TCP/IP and iSCSI offload enabling lower CPU utilization and the best price-performance. The ASA-7211C provides best-in-class interoperability and is ideal for applications like storage consolidation, LAN-free and server-free back-up, database and e-mail deployment, as well as remote replication and disaster recovery.
Small Image of Adaptec iSCSI ASA-7211C (copper)
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Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows NT
Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Linux 7
Red Hat Linux 9
Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2

SuSE Linux

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Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows NT 4
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Redhat Linux 7.2
Redhat Linux 9
Redhat Linux Advanced Server 2.1
  • Delivers outstanding iSCSI performance using familiar, affordable technology
  • Ideal for environments where storage consolidation, LAN-free backup, and remote replication are required. Database, e-mail, and disaster recovery and perfectly suited for iSCSI SANs with iSCSI HBAs.
  • Fully offloads protocol processing from the host CPU
  • High-speed iSCSI SAN connectivity with minimal CPU utilization
  • Enables any enterprise that uses standard Ethernet technology to consolidate storage, increase data availability, and reap the benefits of SANs
  • Enables low latency SCSI "blocks" to be transported via Ethernet and TCP/IP
Key Differentiators
  Copper adapter

Bus System Interface Type

64-bit, 66MHz PCI (compatible with 32-bit)
System Requirements
  • Intel motherboard or equivalent
  • PCI 2.0 expansion slot
  • (Universal PCI key 3.3v and 5v compliant)
Package Contents
Adaptec iSCSI Card 7211C
Installation Guide
Adaptec Installation CD
  • Operating system drivers
  • Initiator configuraton (iConfig) utility
  • Installation guide
  • iConfig user's guide
3 years