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High-Performance Bus Master Host Adapter with SCSISelect Utility, Floppy Support and Plug-and-Play Functionality.
Small Image of AHA-1542CP
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Note: Only drivers that are not included or embedded within a supported operating system are listed below. To see a complete list of supported operating systems see the Product Specifications

Select your operating system or software below

Bios Updates and Other Downloadable Files

Bios Updates and Other Downloads




Microsoft Windows 95

Novell NetWare

Novell NetWare Downloads

Installing Drivers or Software
cd install netware 401 (html 69 kb)
cdrom in dos (html 69 kb)
unix driver disk conversion (html 69 kb)
loading adaptec dsk drivers (html 71 kb)
netware 3.12 cd install (html 68 kb)
windows 9x miniport driver (html 76 kb)
Product Documentation
Install Guide for the AHA-1540CP/AHA-1542CP (PDF 151 KB)
Use Your Product
scsi<i>select</i> user's guide (html 83 kb)
sense codes described (html 96 kb)
Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 95a
Microsoft Windows 95b
Microsoft Windows 95c
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11
Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
Microsoft Windows NT 3.51
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Novell NetWare 3.0
Novell NetWare 3.10
Novell NetWare 3.11
Novell NetWare 3.12
Novell NetWare 3.2
Novell NetWare 4.0
Novell NetWare 4.01
Novell NetWare 4.10
Novell NetWare 4.11
Novell NetWare 4.12
Novell NetWare 4.20
Novell NetWare 5.0
SCO Unix 3.2.2
SCO Unix
SCO Unix 3.2.5
IBM OS/2 2.x
IBM OS/2 Warp Client 3.0
IBM OS/2 Warp Client 4.0
IBM OS/2 Warp Server 3.0
IBM OS/2 Warp Server 4.0
Microsoft MS-DOS 5.x
Microsoft MS-DOS 6.x
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Microsoft Windows 3.0
Microsoft Windows 3.10
Number of devices
Up to 7 devices under DOS 5.0 and above

Bus System Interface Type

ISA 16 Bit
External Connectors
50-pin, high density
Internal Connectors
50-pin, flat cable
Data Transfer Rate
10 MB/sec
5 years

Device Protocol


Advanced SCSI Features

Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI) compliant
Multithreaded I/O
parity checking
Plug-and-Play SCSI
Synchronous and asynchronous data transferzero latency reads (ZLR) and linked commands

Electrical Terminations


Hard Disk Capacity

Up to 8 GBytes per disk

Peripheral Device Support

Up to seven (7) single-ended SCSI peripheral devices

Floppy Drive Support

supports two floppy drives (3.5" and 5.25")

Plug and Play Support


Board Dimensions

6.3 inches (16.5 cm) L
4.5 inches (11.4 cm) H

Power Consumption

5.0V +/- 0.25V @ 0.51 amps
excluding terminator power

Operating Characteristics

0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F) 10% to 90%, non condensing Relative Humidity

Storage Characteristics

-55°C to 85°C (-40°F to 167°F)