The DVpics Digital Video Editing Kit includes the 3-port Adaptec FireConnect™ 4300 FireWire®/1394 PCI card, FireWire cable, and MGI VideoWave 4 digital video editing software for Windows that provides the ability to capture, edit, produce and share your video in one application. The card is hot-pluggable and provides isochronous data transmission that guarantees bandwidth to your audio and video streams for uninterrupted data. Connect up to 62 daisy-chained external FireWire®/1394/i.Link® devices.
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Bios Updates and Other Downloadable Files

Bios Updates and Other Downloads

Product Documentation
User's Guide (PDF 128 KB)
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FireWire Data Transfer Rate

400 Mbits/sec

Hot-Pluggable Support

Supports Hot-plugging

FireWire Device Support

Supports up to 62 daisy-chained external FireWire devices.