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E/Master III-MCA bus master LAN adapter provides the ultimate in high-performance Ethernet for Micro Channel servers and superservers. Superservers can benefit from the potential of up to seven E/Master III adapters in the system bus, each supporting a subnet at 1 Megabyte/sec. E/Master III's 32-bit bus master architecture can achieve up to 16 Megabytes/sec. data transfer rate over the 32-bit Micro Channel bus.
Small Image of EMaster-III
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No drivers are currently available for this product from Adaptec.
There are a few possible reasons for this:

- The product is supported by embedded drivers that are available in the supported operating systems.

- The product is supported by drivers that are embedded in the product.

- The product was recently introduced and there are no new drivers available.

Installing Drivers or Software
adaptec os/2 driver (html 74 kb)
dos ndis driver (html 76 kb)
dos ndis client (html 69 kb)
lantastic and adaptec odi (html 76 kb)
installing the dos odi driver (html 73 kb)
odi module installation (html 68 kb)
We're sorry, there is currently no information available for this product. However, we continue to update and add new information frequently, so this information may become available in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience.