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DuraStor 6320SS
Adaptec DuraStor subsystems include a 2U storage enclosure with 12 SCSI drive bays, complete with redundant power supplies and cooling fans. Each subsystem also includes a single RAID controller (a second controller bay is available for dual controller configurations) with two SCSI host connections and up to four back-end SCSI channels for storage expansion. The result is a 2U subsystem that provides high data availability, and is easily scalable to meet your data storage needs.
Small Image of DuraStor 6320SS
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Bios Updates and Other Downloadable Files

Bios Updates and Other Downloads


Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows NT


Sun Solaris

Customer Needs
  Economical, Direct Attached Storage Solution, using mature SCSI technology.
System Environment
  OS independent via firmware-based Disk Array Administrator
Network or Host Interface
Ultra160 SCSI
Data Transfer Rate
20,000 IOPS and up to 160MByte/sec
Package Contents
Adaptec DuraStor 6320SS External RAID Subsystem, including:1 RAID controller pre-installed2U SCSI drive enclosure12 empty drive rails2 mounting rails2 power cablesHardware Installation GuideStorage Manager Pro User's GuideCD containing:Adaptec's Storage Manager Pro management softwareUser documentation (PDF)Documentation available in English only
3-year limited hardware warranty that includes 1-year of technical phone support

Key Differentiators

Includes 1 year FREE onsite service

Hot-Swap and Redundant Components

RAID controllers, hard drives, power supplies, cooling fans, and AC power cords

Number of RAID Controllers

1 Ultra160 SCSI controller, (upgradable to 2 controllers)

SAF-TE Compliance

SAF-TE 1.0 Compliant

On-Board CPU

Pentium II 333 MHz, 32 KBytes L1 cache, 256 KBytes L2 cache on-chip

Host/Device Data Burst Rate

Up to 160MBytes/sec

Number of Host Channels

One or two Ultra160 SCSI channel(s)

Number of Device Channels

Two or three LVD Ultra160 SCSI device channels

Compatible with LVD SCSI

Ultra2 SCSI and Ultra160 SCSI protocols

Bus Configurations

User selectable single or dual bus

Backplane Design

Passive single plane

Error Notification

SAF-TE 1.0
Audible alarm, status LEDs
SNMP traps, network messaging and remote paging

Number of Drive Bays


Drive Types

Low-profile (1-inch high) SCSI disk drives

Drive Capacity

18GB, 36GB, and 73GB (7.2 K, 10K and 15K RPM)

Maximum Cap/Enclosure

876GB (12 x 73GB)

Advanced RAID Features

Host independent active-active failover and failback (November 2001)
Write-back data cache memory bus, 800 MBytes/sec bandwidth
On-line capacity expansion (OCE)
Spare pooling and dedicated spares; array verification
Controller/drive hot-swap supported
Array status monitoring; adjustable stripe size; automatic sector re-mapping
User-settable priority for array reconstruct, verify, create, and expand operations
Arrays can be configured for RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 50, JBOD
Up to 24 independent logical arrays per subsystem

Advanced Hardware Features

128 MBytes expandable to 512 MBytes of PC 133 SDRAMDIMM, 16 MBytes of ECC-protected SDRAM processor memoryIntegrated Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) cache battery backup Flash upgradable firmware, 2 MByteStand-alone DuraStor 6200S RAID controller does not include memory and battery

Advanced SCSI Features

Ability to process 70 simultaneous commands
Tagged Command Queuing supported
Reserve/Release (multi-host ready, up to 15 initiators with single controller)
Up to 15 devices per channel (14 in active-active mode)
Domain validation and cyclical redundancy checking (CRC) data protection with Ultra160 SCSI drives

Input Voltage

100-240 VAC (auto-sensing)

Input Current for DuraStor 312R

3.0 Amperes (maximum)

Input Current for DuraStor 6200SR

2.0/0.8 Amperes (maximum)

Input Frequency

50-60 Hz

Power Source

Dual independent power supplies

DuraStor 6200SR Power Supply Rating

150 Watts

DuraStor 312R Power Supply Rating

2-350 Watts

Power Source

Dual hot-swappable power supplies (power factor correcting)

Cooling Module for DuraStor 6200SR

Cooling Module Cooling module with 3 redundant fans

Cooling Fan Module for DuraStor 312R

Model # ADA-320FAN

Durastor 6200SR Dimensions

H-1.70 inches W-17.70 inches D-24.50 inches

Durastor 312R Dimensions

H-3.5 inches W-17.65 inches D-23.00 inches

Durastor 6200SR Weight

28 lbs with 2 controllers

Durastor 312R Weight

39 lbs

Durastor 312R Power Supply Unit

Model # ADA?220PSU