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SCSI to SMD Controller with single ended SCSI drivers
Small Image of ACB-5580
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No drivers are currently available for this product from Adaptec.
There are a few possible reasons for this:

- The product is supported by embedded drivers that are available in the supported operating systems.

- The product is supported by drivers that are embedded in the product.

- The product was recently introduced and there are no new drivers available.

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Product Documentation
User Guide for the ACB 5580 (PDF 825 KB)

The ACB-5580 Features

Supports four SMD or ESMD hard-sectored drives
Supports a fully arbitrating SCSI system with up to 7 other controllers or hosts sharing the SCSI bus
Supports the Common Command Set
Provides maximum SCSI bus throughput
Capable of processing concurrent commands on all four connected disk drives
Offers complete device independence, by autoconfiguring to any size drive
May handle defects on a sector level by spare sectors
Eliminates the need for sector interleaving
Supports reserve and release of the drive by a third party, as well as Extent Reserve
Supports dual-ported disk drives by dynamically sharing the access to disk data channel with another controller
Provides operating system flexibility by offering sector lengths of 256, 512 or 1024 bytes
Guarantees data integrity by utilizing a 32-bit error correction code on both the data and ID fields
Minimizes SCSI Bus busy overhead to approximately 2-3 msec

Board Dimensions

14.00" x 7.00" x 0.80"

Power Consumption

+5 VDC +/- 5%, 4 Amps (max)
-12 VDC (-13 to -7 VDC), 1.0 Amps (max)

Operating Characteristics

0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F)
Humidity: 10% to 95%
Altitude (ft): Sea Level to 10,000

Storage Characteristics

-40°C to 76°C(-40°F to 167°F)
Humidity: 10% to 95%
Altitude (ft): Sea Level to 20,000