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The AHA-3985W is a 16-bit adapter. On these adapters, each channel supports up to 15 SCSI devices. All 15 devices can be 16-bit, or you can combine 8-bit and 16-bit devices. If you combine devices, a maximum of seven can be 8-bit devices.
Small Image of AHA-3985W
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Note: Only drivers that are not included or embedded within a supported operating system are listed below. To see a complete list of supported operating systems see the Product Specifications

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Novell NetWare

Novell NetWare Downloads

Hardware Installation
how to install your adaptec pci card (html 74 kb)
3940 pci bridge list (html 76 kb)
Product Documentation
User Guide to the AHA-398x Series (PDF 1 MB)
Quick Reference: Array Software (PDF 170 KB)
User Guide to Adaptec CI/O Management Software (PDF 1 MB)
Quick Reference: Hardware Installation (PDF 175 KB)
Use Your Product
sense codes described (html 96 kb)
Number of devices
Up to 15 SCSI devices per channel

Bus System Interface Type

PCI Local Bus
External Connectors
50-pin high density-Channel A
Internal Connectors
68-pin high density-Channel A68-pin high density-Channel B
Data Transfer Rate
60 MBytes/sec (20 MBytes/sec per channel)
System Requirements
An 80486DX or Pentium computer that complies with PCI Rev 2.0A motherboard BIOS that supports PCI-to-PCI bridges, a 64-KByte BIOS, and multiple interrupts,and an available full-length PCI slot that supports bus mastering and PCI Int B
Package Contents
AHA-3985W MultiChannel PCI-SCSI RAID AdapterAdaptec RAID and driver software for NetWareAdaptec CI/O Single Server SoftwareSytron ProServe CX Lite tape backup software for NetWareDevice support for hard disk, removable, MO, CD-ROM, tape, DAT drives and scannersComplete hardware and software documentationTwo internal, 5 position SCSI ribbon cables with active termination
5 years

Board Dimensions

12.28" L x 4.2" H (31.19 cm x 10.67 cm)

Power Consumption

5V +/- 5%

Operating Characteristics

5°C to 55°C (41°F to 131°F)

Storage Characteristics

-60°C to 150°C (-76°F to 302°F)