The AAA-133U2 provides three SCSI channels, for total bandwidth of up to 240 MByte per second, allowing connection of 45 SCSI devices. 16 MB cache memory comes standard, upgradable to 64 MB. It has an internal 50-pin connector, three internal 68-pin, LVD connectors, and one external 68-pin, LVD connector. This 32-bit PCI card supports RAID levels 0, 1, 0/1, 5 with hardware RAID features including bootable arrays, hot-swap and hot-spare
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Hardware Installation
how to install your adaptec pci card (html 74 kb)
ultra2 scsi termination (html 68 kb)
Installing Drivers or Software
ci/o 4.01 readme (html 84 kb)
dimm compatibility list (html 68 kb)
Product Documentation
User's Guide for the Adaptec CI/O Management Software v4.0 (PDF 1 MB)
Adaptec Ultra2 RAID Card Family (PDF )
Adaptec AAA RAID Card Family (PDF 752 KB)
Install Guide for the AAA-133U2 (PDF 1 MB)
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sense codes described (html 96 kb)
Customer Needs
  Ideal for users who require maximum system availability, performance, and scalability
System Environment
  Workgroup and departmental SCSI servers
Cache Memory
16 MByte (upgradable to 64 MB)

Bus System Interface Type

32-bit PCI
External Connectors
One 68-pin, LVD SCSI
Internal Connectors
Three 68-pin, LVD SCSIOne 50-pin SCSI
System Requirements
Intel PC or equivalent with available PCI slot
Package Contents
AAA-133U2 three-channel Ultra2 SCSI RAID card Adaptec CI/O Management software Array1000U2 Family Manager Set software AAA-133U2 user documentation set Two internal 5-position Ultra2 SCSI cables with active termination
5-year warranty (materials and manufacturing)


Three-channel Ultra2 SCSI RAID card with expandable cache memory

Data transfer Rate

Up to 80 MByte/sec per channel (three channels)

RAID Levels

RAID 0, 1, 0/1, 5

Board Dimensions

Full-size PCI card
(12.283 x 4.2 inches, 31.191 x 10.668 cm)

Power Consumption

5V: 4 A max.

Operating Characteristics

32 F to 131 F (0°C to 55°C)