AIC78xx and AIC78U2 Driver for Windows Vista x86 and Server 2008 x86
Filename:   aic78xx_aic78u2_vista_x86_v605456.exe
Date:    17 Apr 2007
Size:    137.8 KB
Language:   English US
Version:   6.0.5456
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32-bit Driver file for AIC-78xx and AIC-78U2 based SCSI cards and HBAs for Microsoft Vista x86 and Server 2008 x86.

Caution Caution:   If you currently run Windows XP with the embedded AIC78xx or AIC78U2 driver and plan to do an in-place upgrade from XP to Windows Vista, please update the AIC78xx or AIC78U2 driver in XP with this Vista driver first. Then do the upgrade from XP to Vista.
Installation Instruction:   Install as for any Windows operating system.  Refer to Microsoft documentation or follow installation for other Windows operating systems as noted in the Installation and User Guide provided with the Adaptec product.
Notes:   This file is self extracting and will unzip to the directory c:\adaptec\vista. In order to create a driver disk, please extract the files to a floppy by typing a:\ into the "unzip to folder" box within Winzip.

Compatible Products

Compatible Environment
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Vista