Adaptec Storage Manager-Browser Edition v 1.2 for Windows
Filename:   smbe_win2k3_xp_2k_v12.exe
Date:    15 Jul 2003
Size:    6.4 MB
Language:   English US
Version:   1.20.013
Estimated Download Time:
Modem (56k) - 16 minutes, 5 seconds
DSL (256k) - 3 minutes, 31 seconds
T1 (1.4Mb) - 0 minutes, 39 seconds
Description:   Adaptec Storage Manager Browser Edition allows administrators to remotely manage, monitor and configure RAID subsystems through password-protected web access - thereby providing a more flexible support infrastructure. This version supports both SCSI and Serial ATA products.

Caution Caution:   Please uninstall any previous versions of this product that may reside on your system before you install this version.
Installation Instruction:   From My Computer select the c:\adaptec\asmbe directory and click on "Setup.exe". Follow the prompts on screen.
Notes:   This is a self extracting zip file that unzips to C:\adaptec\asmbe.

Compatible Products
Adaptec Serial ATA RAID 2410SA
Adaptec Serial ATA RAID 2410SA Enclosure Kit

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