Adaptec CIM Provider v7.00.18781 for VMware
Date:    3 Apr 2011
Size:    9.6 MB
Language:   English US
Version:   6.50.18579
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Modem (56k) - 23 minutes, 51 seconds
DSL (256k) - 5 minutes, 13 seconds
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Adaptec CIM Provider v7.00.18781 for VMware

Installation Instruction:   Installation instructions for installing the Adaptec CIM Provider and RemoteARCCONF can be found here. Detail on how to use the Adaptec ARCCONF utility can be found in the Command Line Interface User's Guide available as a download from the Documentation section.
Notes:   See the Readme for additional information and the Release Notes for a description of the release.

Compatible Products
Adaptec RAID 2045
Adaptec RAID 2405
Adaptec RAID 2405Q
Adaptec RAID 2805
Adaptec RAID 5085
Adaptec RAID 51245
Adaptec RAID 51645
Adaptec RAID 52445
Adaptec RAID 5405
Adaptec RAID 5405Z
Adaptec RAID 5445
Adaptec RAID 5445Z
Adaptec RAID 5805
Adaptec RAID 5805Q
Adaptec RAID 5805Z
Adaptec RAID 5805ZQ

Compatible Environment
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