ARCCONF v5.00.16806 for 32-bit FreeBSD 5.x and 6.x
Filename:   arcconf_freebsd_5_6_x86_b16806.tar.gz
Date:    19 Apr 2007
Size:    598.8 KB
Language:   English US
Version:   5.00.16806
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Storage Manager Command Line Utility ARCCONF v5.00.16806 for 32-bit FreeBSD 5.4, 6.0, and 6.1.

Please see the included Readme or below for important installation instructions.

Caution Caution:   This software has been minimally tested by Adaptec and is provided as a convenience for our customers.
Installation Instruction:  

For FreeBSD 5.4:
The arcconf command line tool will work without any other files needed.

Notes:   After downloading the ARCCONF utility please check the file permissions and be sure to set to at least read/execute for owner.

Compatible Products
Adaptec RAID 3085
Adaptec RAID 31205
Adaptec RAID 31605
Adaptec RAID 3405
Adaptec RAID 3805

Compatible Environment
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