HostRAID 64-bit driver v1.5-0 b11999.1 for Windows 7 and 2003/2008 for the Adaptec SATA II RAID 1420SA and 1430SA
Filename:   aar81xx_x64_win2k3_win7_b11999_1.exe
Date:    28 Nov 2012
Size:    324 KB
Language:   English US
Version:   1.5-0 b11999.1
Estimated Download Time:
Modem (56k) - 0 minutes, 47 seconds
DSL (256k) - 0 minutes, 10 seconds
T1 (1.4Mb) - less than 5 seconds
Description:   HostRAID driver v1.5.11999.1 for the Serial ATA II RAID 1420SA and 1430SA using BIOS Build 2507.

Installation Instruction:   Installation instructions can be found in the User's Guide available on the CD that was included with the product or as a download from the Documentation section.
Notes:   This file is self extracting and will unzip to the directory \adaptec\hostraid. In order to create a driver disk, please extract the files to a floppy by typing a:\ into the "unzip to folder" box within Winzip.

Compatible Products
Adaptec Serial ATA II RAID 1420SA
Adaptec Serial ATA II RAID 1430SA

Compatible Environment
Microsoft Windows 7 x64
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64
Microsoft Windows Vista x64