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First in a Broad Family of Microsemi Smart Storage Solutions

The new Microsemi Adaptec HBA 1000 Series of Host Bust Adapters delivers the smart connectivity that businesses are looking for with an optimal mix of resiliency, efficiency, and ease of use. It's an ideal solution for server-based storage systems that require maximum bandwidth and I/O connectivity, low power, and high reliability.

Available in 5 different 12Gb/s configurations up to 16 internal or 16 external SAS/SATA ports, they offer the highest port count at the lowest power in a low-profile, MD2 form factor.

Smart Storage Solutions

The Adaptec HBA 1000 Series is the first of the Smart Storage Solutions family and the newest addition to the 12Gb/s storage product portfolio, which includes the award-wining Adaptec Series 8 RAID adapters, Adaptec SAS expander, and miniSAS HD cables. Microsemi has the Smart Storage Solution for the data center and enterprise of today - and tomorrow.

Created through the convergence of Microsemi's silicon expertise, 30+ years of innovative Adaptec board designs, and a robust, enterprise-ready Smart storage stack, these Microsemi Adaptec Smart Storage Solutions are a new generation of products that deliver the highest I/O performance, highest density, lowest power consumption per port, and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Troy Winslow, Director of Product and Channel Marketing, Microsemi

Mike Thomsen, Senior Manager, Support and Services

Product Highlights

bullet point New unified Smart storage stack that delivers resiliency by combining the best Adaptec ARC software and drivers with the acquired Smart IP of the most broadly deployed server storage stack, resulting in a robust, stable stack with common easy to use management tools, drivers, and interface

bullet point Performance of up to 1.3M IOPS, low latency, and bandwidth fully saturating the PCIe Gen 3 bus.

bullet point Scalability with up to 16 native internal or 16 native external SATA/SAS ports.

bullet point Broad ecosystem compatibility, including 6Gb/s systems

bullet point PMC SmartIO SAS/SATA protocol controller that drives efficiency of higher performance, maximum port count and on average 60% less power consumption than competing HBAs

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Storage Industry Leaders are Saying:

  "Canonical's Cloud Alliances team has been working closely with PMC to ensure leading Ubuntu support for the HBA 1000," said John Dolen, Cloud Partner Marketing Manager. "With the industry's highest port count, lowest power and leading performance, PMC’s new HBA is an ideal pairing with Ubuntu and OpenStack Software Defined Storage workloads."

  "Hyperscale cloud deployments require an optimum balance of high performance and power efficiency," said Mr. Ding Yu, Director of Product management at Inspur, the largest domestic server provider in China. "PMC's HBA 1000 is providing Inspur quick time to market with leadership server storage solutions that deliver to these demanding hyperscale requirements."

  "Ingram has been distributing PMC Adaptec solutions for many years, and I am impressed with PMC's commitment to deliver efficient and scalable storage solutions," Said Tom Kagele, Senior Sales Manager, Ingram Micro. "The HBA 1000 is another example of this commitment, and we are excited to provide this compelling storage solution to our extensive customer base."

  "In the era of high density, virtualized, and scalable Software Defined Storage environments, our customers demand suitable storage solutions that fit their needs," said Andy Lee, Director of Product Marketing at EchoStreams, a cloud solutions provider. "PMC Adaptec storage solutions have delivered power-efficient performance and scalable connectivity enabling us to provide products to meet our customers' demands."

  "At Ingram Micro Technical Support, we strive for reliability and accuracy in the products we recommend. Whether connecting to tape or a storage array, PMC Adaptec sets a high standard as our preferred storage solution." - Samuel Alt, Ingram Configuration Support Champion