Serial Attached SCSI Performance

Serial Attached SCSI support for wide ports dramatically improves throughput by enabling several disks to communicate with a single port address at the same time.

A Serial Attached SCSI adapter with four 3 gigabits/second links configured as a wide port will support data transfer rates over 1 gigabits/second.

Currently, a 15,000-RPM disk drive will sustain data rates up to 75 megabytes/sec. At these sustained data rates, two disk drives will saturate a Serial ATA 1.5 gigabits/second bus.

A Serial Attached SCSI adapter with wide ports will deliver much higher bandwidth than Serial ATA. The Serial Attached SCSI architecture is designed to support over 16,000 physical links. The ability to aggregate bandwidth through the use of wide ports will provide the performance scalability required by next generation servers and storage systems.

Relative Performance
SAS performance

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