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If you thought the blazing performance gains delivered by Adaptec Unified Serial® RAID Controllers were only available for high-end storage systems, think again.

The new entry-level Adaptec Series 2 RAID controllers extend our Unified Serial (SATA/SAS) lineup into low-cost disk and tape storage environments while leveraging the same hardware RAID design as our industry-leading Series 5 Performance RAID Controllers.

Adaptec Series 2 RAID controllers are more reliable and better-performing than the software-based hardware RAID controllers found in the same price range. 

Series 2 Squential Reads
Adaptec Series 2 Performance
vs. 3ware and LSI 
Sequential Reads (256KB)

Series 2 Sequential Writes
Adaptec Series 2 Performance
vs. 3ware and LSI 
Sequential Writes (256KB)

Like all Unified Serial products, both Adaptec Series 2 RAID controllers offer full compatibility with over 300 SATA/SAS components, extensive scalability, and one-view management through the Adaptec Storage Manager™ software. Plus, they feature embedded Linux open-source drivers and are invulnerable to viruses.

Use Less Power - up to 70% power & cooling cost savings

All Series 2 controllers come with Intelligent Power Management, an industry-first innovation that can slash storage power and cooling costs by up to 70% with no compromise in performance. Adaptec Intelligent Power Management lets you minimize power consumption by alternating between 3 modes:

1) Normal Operation: full power, full RPM (revolutions per minute) 

2) Standby Mode*: Low-power; spins disks at lower RPM during idle periods

3) Power-off Mode: Full power-down when operation is not required

*Must be supported by disk drive.

Internal and External Connectivity

Select from two Series 2 RAID controllers:

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