Adaptec Event Monitor v1.04.20853 for Windows and Linux
Date (Datum):    5 Dec 2013
Größe:    53.7 MB
Sprache:   English US
Version:   1.04.20853
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Modem (56k) - 134 Minuten, 5 Sekunden
DSL (256k) - 29 Minuten, 20 Sekunden
T1 (1,4 Mb) - 5 Minuten, 22 Sekunden
Beschreibung:   Adaptec Event Monitor v1.04.20853 for use under 32 & 64-bit Versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2003R2, 2008, 2008R2, and 2012, Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 5.9, and 6.4, Debian 7.0.

Installationsanweisung:   Installation instructions can be found in the maxView Storage Manager v1.04.20853 User's Guide available as a download from the Documentation section.
Hinweise:   This utility also installs the ARCCONF command line interface.

Compatible Products
Adaptec RAID 6405
Adaptec RAID 6405E
Adaptec RAID 6405T
Adaptec RAID 6445
Adaptec RAID 6805
Adaptec RAID 6805E
Adaptec RAID 6805T
Adaptec RAID 6805TQ
Adaptec RAID 6805Q
Adaptec RAID 7805
Adaptec RAID 7805Q
Adaptec RAID 78165
Adaptec RAID 71605E
Adaptec RAID 71605
Adaptec RAID 71605Q
Adaptec RAID 71685
Adaptec RAID 72405

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