Dynamic Kernel Module Source 1.2.1-52011 for Linux
Dateiname:   aacraid-dkms-1.2.1-52011.tgz
Date (Datum):    20 Oct 2016
Größe:    692 KB
Sprache:   English US
Version:   1.2.1-52011
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Beschreibung:   This compressed tarball contains version 1.2.1-52011 Linux DKMS source.

Using DKMS on a Linux Development Build Environment allows the user to build and install drivers for that system, build drivers for different systems, and make driver diskettes from a set of built drivers.

Caution Vorsicht:   The source code is provided on an "as is" basis for building and installing the drivers on unsupported versions of Linux.
Installationsanweisung:   For details on building and installing source code please see your Linux documentation. Installation instructions for pre-made DKMS drivers are included in thie tarball archive.

Compatible Products
Adaptec RAID 8405E
Adaptec RAID 8805E
Adaptec RAID 6405
Adaptec RAID 6405E
Adaptec RAID 6405T
Adaptec RAID 6445
Adaptec RAID 6805
Adaptec RAID 6805E
Adaptec RAID 6805Q
Adaptec RAID 6805T
Adaptec RAID 6805TQ
Adaptec RAID 8405
Adaptec RAID 8805
Adaptec RAID 8885
Adaptec RAID 8885Q
Adaptec RAID 81605Z
Adaptec RAID 81605ZQ
PMC Adaptec HBA 1000-8e
PMC Adaptec HBA 1000-8i
PMC Adaptec HBA 1000-8i8e
PMC Adaptec HBA 1000-16e
PMC Adaptec HBA 1000-16i

Compatible Environment
Linux Driver Source Code