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Adaptec SCSI Card 29320ALP-R

Low-cost single-channel Ultra320 SCSI card with HostRAID™ RAID 0, 1, and 10 for data protection

The Adaptec SCSI Card 29320ALP-R is a low-profile, 64-bit 133 MHz PCI-X, single-channel Ultra320 SCSI card with integrated HostRAID optimized for rack-mount servers. The Adaptec 29320ALP-R is a low-cost RAID 0, 1 and 10 solution. In addition, the Adaptec 29320ALP-R offers new drivers for HostRAID, both Linux and Windows Server 2003, as well as the same browser-based management tool used by Adaptec RAID products. The Adaptec 29320ALP-R provides data protection at the fastest SCSI speeds available up to 320 MByte/sec, ideal for mainline storage, streaming video and audio, and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

The card has a 68-pin internal connector and a 68-pin VHDCI external connector for Ultra320 SCSI (LVD) hard disks drives. The 29320ALP-R offers an unparalleled degree of investment protection and upgradeability to Adaptec's entire SCSI RAID family of products.

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  • HostRAID RAID 0, 1, and 10 data protection (Windows and Linux)
  • Adaptec Seamless Streaming®
  • 320 MByte/sec performance per channel
  • Seamless backward compatibility protects legacy devices
  • Industry-leading compatibility and reliability
  • Adaptec Storage Manager™ - Browser Edition to manage HostRAID


    Low-cost single-channel Ultra320 SCSI card with HostRAID RAID 0, 1 and 10 for data protection


    Ideal for rack-mount servers and workstations requiring the smallest form factor possible



Anzahl der Geräte

    Up to 15 SCSI devices

Bussystem Schnittstellentyp

    64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X

Externe Anschlüsse

    One 68-pin VHDCI

Interne Anschlüsse

    One 68-pin Ultra320


    320 MByte/sec/channel


    Intel PC or equivalent with available PCI slot (2.2 compliant)

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Red Hat Linux
  • SuSE Linux
  • Novell NetWare
  • Sun Solaris
  • SCO / Caldera UnixWare
  • SCO / Caldera Open Unix
  • UnitedLinux
Eine detailierte Liste finden Sie hier: ASK Answer ID 11060.


  • One Adaptec SCSI card 29320ALP-R with full-size bracket
  • Low-profile replacement bracket
  • One 6-position Ultra320 SCSI LVD cable with terminator (2138800-R)
  • CD with operating system drivers (SCSI and HostRAID), User Documentation and Management Software


    5 years limited warranty, 2 years technical support

RAID Level

    RAID 0, 1, 10

Maße der Karte

    6.60 inches x 2.54 inches

Power Requirements

    .362 amps @ +5V, .628 amps @ +3.3V

Regulatory Certification

    FCC, C-tick, CE, VCC

Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)

    1,549,689 hours at 40 degrees C
Momentan ist für dieses Produkt kein Zubehör von Adaptec verfügbar.


Kompatibilitätslisten / Integration

Kit P/N: 2060100-R
(SRP) $225.00
Single P/N: 2253600-R*
(SRP) $215.00

*Single = ohne Kabel

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