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AVA-2906 Configuration utility
Filename:   2906cfg.exe
Date:    4 Jan 1999
Size:    154.4 KB
Language:   English US
Estimated Download Time:
Modem (56k) - 0 minutes, 23 seconds
DSL (256k) - 0 minutes, 5 seconds
T1 (1.4Mb) - less than 5 seconds
Description:   AVA-2906 SCSISelect v1.0 Configuration utility, for adjusting the scsi select settings on the AVA-2906 host adapter.

Notes:   The AVA-2904 and AVA-2904CD are products intended for the European market only. Drivers for the AVA2904 and AVA-2904CD are the same as those for the AVA-2906, but there is no SCSIselect utility for the AVA-2904 or AVA-2904CD.

Note:This program must be run from a bootable diskette. It will NOT run from the command prompt shell in any Windows operating system.

Compatible Products
Adaptec SCSI Card 2906

Compatible Environment
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